Traditions when celebrating birthdays

jubileumjaarThere are a whole lot of traditions when it comes to celebrating birthdays, all over the world. Special thnings and remarkable birthday traditions can make it ever more special to celebrate a birthday.

It might be nearly impossible to give you all the birthday traditions the are, but we made a nice selection of birthday traditions worldwide so you have an idea of the many different traditions. I guess there are birthday traditions even born today, with a 'winternight ice barbeque party' or an early morning fresh dive birthday wake up ritual' or some other unique way to make a celebration your own.

If you have a great tradition or special way to celebrate a birthday, you might like to chare it with us so we can get a better list of all the traditional celebrations througout the world.



A slection of special birthday traditions

Here we go, trying to give you a glimps of some nice birthday traditions:


There are lots more birthday traditions all over the world, it's great that people have made so much fun in celebrating a birthday party and special moments. The traditions above give you an idea of what happens in other countries.


Meatball story

Ella: 'My dad likes meatbals so much that my mother started this birthday tradition years ago. She makes him a special meatball for his birthday. It started with one really big meatball the first time, but she makes different variations every year. Sometimes different ingredientes, presentation or special sauses to go with it. I think it's kinda nice to keep traditions going. One thay she was mad at him the days before his birthday, he got two really small meatballs. I thought that was really funny.'