Keeping up birthday dates with a calendar

kalenderAl lot of people have the need to have a little overview of the birthday parties they might be invited for each year. It is nice to have a bit of a feeling when you make plans to know if there is a nice party you might be able to go to, or when it's time to start looking for a special gift for a special someone. Besides that, it is nice to have a birthday calendar so you at least are able to pick up the phone and congratulate someone on their birthday.

A calendar with names and dates is a great way to give you the overview you need. When you put the calendar somewhere were you see it regularly it is easy to remember someones birthday and you can add new people just as simple. Ofcourse it is always fun to just let it all come as it goes, and be surprised when an invitation to a birthday party comes to you. You should not plan to much and live by a calendar only, but chanses are that you might have other plans when a nice party comes around.

Maybe with all new digital tablets, and digital phones it's more likely to get a nice calander app, or to link to digital databases and social media to keep track of birthday dates. Whatever you do, it is always nice to know when there's a birthday party on the horizon.


Calendars for birthdays

There are e few options for remembering birthdays with a calendar:


And without a calendar, just let yourself be surprised over and over again. But remind yourself that when you start to get out of the loop on calebrations and parties, you might find yourself wondering where everybody is, when you are not invited. So try to keep in touch, share ideas, help plan and organise parties and at the end, have a lot of fun!


Toilet as a calendar

Rick: 'I know a guy who uses his bathroom as a real life calander for birthdays and telephone numbers. On most of the white tiles he has in the room he wrote down names, dates en somethimes telephone numbers. Some friends used to call girls on that wall, just to see who they where and ask why they where on that wall. We use to laugh at the story about one girl name that had her number there, and when a friend called this number when he was a little druk at a house party, it turned out to be his aunt Hilda. She hung up in the guys ear, he came back from the bathroom asking, who's Hilda, she hung up when i asked if you're a good kisser. Some of his friends knew who she was, it was a blast!'