Theme parties and kids theme birthdays

piratenfeestWhen you celebrate a birthday it can be a lot of fun to organize a theme party. Especially when its a little kids birthday party, a theme party is a great and fun idea. Not only the birthday kid has a lot of fun, but the kids that are invited will have a great party as well.

But for older kids, teens and (young) adults it's also fun to have a theme party on a birthday. Try to combine the invitations, the party location and maybe even the gifts. snacks, drinks in the same theme!

This can be done by a few simple things, but you can always go all the way trying to make a real great and lasting birthday party the that people talk about and will inspire. It's also fun to organize a party with a great plan or idea behind it and its more likely you'll get people to help you because they really get into the idea and bring ideas of themselfs along with it.


Examples of birthady party themes

To give you a few ideas and tips about birthday party themes, here is a list of fun party themes:


Real stories about party themes

Simone: 'When we went out and tried to organize a theme party for my sons birthday we really didn't know what to do. Eventually we came across an ice cream stand to have a break from searching. While we where eating our icecream it hit me. Why not make an ice cream party. And so we did. Kids making ice creams for each other, games like an ice cream car race, and a game making towers with ice cream cones. Really great day, kids had a lot of fun!'


We wish you lots of fun finding a nice theme party for you birthday or when you organize a party for someone else!