Congratulations and greet on birthdays

gefeliciteerdWith birthdays come greetings and greeting cards. Whether it is a kiss, a handshake, multiple kisses or a special greeting card, congratulating someone is always a nice thing to do on a bithday celebration.

It's nice to get some attention and to give it in return when people celebrate there birthday. Yhe world is hard enough without social attention and a little caring for each other.

The greatest greetings you can get and give are the birthday greetings that are really sincere. When you walk in a room and loudly ask about who's birthday it is because you don't know it or remember it correctly is not a very charming way to act on a birthday party.


Greeting and birthday attention tips

What ways you can use greet someone on a birthday seems logical, nevertheless a little list of the things you might think of whle greeting on a birthday party:


When writing above greeting tips, we found that the list was pretty smaal to begin with. When you have your own special moment of birthday greetings, you can always inform us, and we might expand the list with your idea.

Whatever your wish or idea might be, we hope you have fun congratulating and greeting!



Greetings to you !

Joe: 'Hi i'm Joe... average Joe. I like to wish you a happy birthday and all the best!... You know who you are. And i know you know me. I'm just a lazy guy, cheap also, and i hate sending post cards with birthday wishes to everybody. I might take the time to sent you a link to this website, so you can read this, and enjoy my wishes to you. Or i might not sent a link so you can see this, but be aware that my wishes are here, all the time, en ment for YOU. Don't judge me for not making an effort!.'