It's my birthday and i want a party

party hatYour birthday should be a special day. Not only because you are the center of attention, but also because it is your day and you are aware of your achievements through the past year. You can set new goals for the coming year but first you would like t have a special birthday moment or celebration.

You could host a great birthday party, but if your not into booming parties anymore you could also arrange a special birthday moment with your loved ones. There are lots of ways to celebrate your birthday. If it's not a surprise party or suprising old friends and family, you can always go out and have a specil birthday of you own.

Some people get a little sad when it's there birthday, because the realize they are getting older. But hey, it's onley a moment and a single day, so just try to relax and enjoy the moments that are given to you!


Tips to have a nice birthday moment

To give you a little direction for you birthay celebration, here are a few birthday tips to get the preparation started.


There probably are a lot more tips to make your birthday a special day. The most important tip whe can give is to make the organisation as well as the party itself fun for you and your invites. Feel at ease and don't try to steer to much on the direction of the party once the music starts!

Just take a look around and find a way to feel, party en invite on a special and personal way!


Alone in the dark

Dion: 'When i turned 30, i didn't want to celebrate my birthday. I told everyone i was away for that weekend and there was no party or get togheter for my birthday. Then i wanted to go to some kind of bar where i could be alone basicly. But thinking of that i couldn't come up with a place where a) i didn't know anyone or come across people i knew, and b) where i would be able to sit in a corner of a bar without beeing looked at weird. I figured the scene i had in my head was just something you might see in the movies. At the end i never left my appartment, i turned off my phone and never turned on the lights. I sat by the window, looking over (a glimpse) of the skyline of town. Saw the stars brightly and let the night pass, drinking a few beers. Next morning i felt fine again, having refelected the first 30 years of my life, i was ready for anther 30 at least.'