Original invitations for your birthday party

birthday invitationsWhen it's your birthday you would like to throw a birthday celebration or party. Ofcourse you have to invite people to your party, and we like to give you some tips for your birthady party invitations. You could ask people personally to come to your party, but ofte the right time and place will not always stick in everybody's.

More fun and practical is to invite people to your birthday party a little more specific, so all people share the same information en you can make a good selection of who you do or don't want to invite to your party. Get everyone excited and antticipated for the party, make it an event people relly look forward to.

Sending og ginving an invitation card is probably the most common way to invite someone to your birthdatparty, but with the new digital technologies there are new and fresh ways to invite people as well.


Ways to invite people to your birthday party

Below are a few ways you can use to invite someone to your birthday party. The way you want to invite people is ofcourse related to size of your party and the way you stay in touch with people regularly.



With technology going fast formward and mobile phones, computers and app's being update as you read this text, it's olmost imposible to give you all new ways to invite people to a party. Texting throug whatsapp is one way to keep in contact with friends and to share discussions and, invites and organisation of a party with a group of people at once. It sure makes is a whole lot easier and accesable to give someone a heads up about an upcomming party.


My story about invitations

Nicole: 'I used to hate when people got invitations and i was not included. I tore me up as a kid, and left me with a lot of doubt about myself. I got over that like most people do, but when my kids (i have 2) like to invite schoolkids to their party, we like to bring it to their houses, just to keep other people from being disappointed. I liked to share this story with you, because it can really hurt when people feel like they are left out, and whenit hapens in public, and more than one times, it hurts just more. But do celebrate your party, cause it is ment to be fun!'