When the party is over the afterparty begins

afterpartyWhen the birthday party is over, and the afterparty is over, there is not much to do than thank all the visitors who are left and greet them all goodbye. Now it's time to clean op after the party.

The fun thing is to enjoy the nice moments that you had during the day, and think about that for a while wen all is quit. If the party was great, the mess it made can even give a nice fulfilling feeling when you look around.

It whould be nice if we can give you a few tips for after your party, but much more than doing a little cleaning and going to bed is all we can say about that really.

A well known preformer once said 'life is just a party, but parties aint ment to last'. You should embrass the fact the birthday party won't last, it just that thought that makes you live the moment as it happens.


What to do after the birthday party

You could think about a few things though:


Real life after party

John: 'I still don't know how that hole came in the wall after a party a few years ago. It was almost as big as a head, in a wall between a backroom and a hallway. I had a pretty great party, loud and with losts of drinks. Woke up in the living room because i fell asleep on the couch close to morning. A saw the hole in the wall later that day, but couldn't figure out what had caused it and who done it. None of my close friends knew about it either. Might have been some other guest, and i don't really care about the damage. But i REALLY like to know what caused it, cause it stays a mystery to me.'